Who you are is what you do.


We believe that integrity is only as valid as one's proven word. AT zeris design, we trust that our work speaks for itself, because we let our enthusiasm do the talking and our imagery prove it. We thrive when your inspiration takes flight and requires our lens to proclaim it from the rooftops. Be it your upstart innovation, runway fashion icon, or architectural brainchild, we desire to collaborate in showcasing your passion through the unbridled conviction that truly good design should not only justify its existence, but wholly inspire.

ZERIS O’FLINN has traversed the globe from one end to the other, capturing amazing stories and the incredible people who live them. A Masters grad of Brooks Institute, his photographic and design pursuits range from shooting fresh faces, ice cream scoops, and exotic cars to forging hand-crafted, industrial furnishings. Not surprisingly, he holds that valid design strives to traverse convention and zealously defy it.